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Tom Cooney writes songs full of heart, soul, insight, and humor.  He is a skilled guitarist and vocalist who plays originals and covers in Contemporary Folk, Blues, Pop, and Jazz styles.  His joy of playing comes through in every song and performance.  Think James Taylor, Jason Isbell, Jahn Gorka, Ellis Paul, Los Lobos, Kasey Musgraves, Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin, Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Buble, Bill Withers, Muddy Waters, K’eb Mo, Ed Sheeran, and Asleep at the Wheel mixed into a diverse and exciting stew.
Tom has performed at the Martin Guitar Songwriters Showcase, Godfrey Daniels, and various clubs and private performances.  He has been a featured artist at various songwriting events including with the Philadelphia Area Songwriters Alliance (PASA) and the Connecticut Songwriters Association.  He is also a member of the Philly Songwriters Circle and the Godfrey Daniels Guitar Pull / Songwriters Circle.  Tom has served as host, co-host, and technical virtual host for many events with these organizations.
Tom teaches guitar, and music theory and composition.  He utilizes an approach focused on playing and creating, and integrating music theory real-time on the fingerboard with all lessons.  Tom created the original music YouTube podcasts ‘Songwriters Alive!’ And ‘3+ Songs for Prometheus’.  'Songwriters Alive!' episodes feature a live interview and performance with a songwriter from the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.  '3 Songs for Prometheus' is a weekly live music podcast that features mostly original music, with a bit of chat, cheer, and useful info.  Both available on YouTube.

Creative Original and Cover Music with Accomplished Voice and Guitar
Contemporary Folk, Pop, Blues and Jazz

NEW RELEASE, 'DANCING ON THE MOON', 10 original songs in contemporary folk, jazz, and blues styles.  Available at:  Tom Cooney on Bandcamp

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