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“Tom writes with sophistication that comes from the heart."

Mike Holliday, Singer-Songwriter, Co-Host Godfrey Daniels Guitar Pull


“Tom Cooney is a fine songwriter and performer. His songs are simple to understand and yet textured in meaning.  His guitar work is pleasing and interesting, his vocal style soft yet strong, and his choice of song topics relevant and profound. He makes all this look easier than it is.”

Joe Isaac, Singer-Songwriter, Host Music Matters Showcase national singer-songwriter open mic 


"Tom Cooney is a soulful adventurer on the frontiers of Folk-Jazz." 

Jon Burrowes, Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist 

Tom’s music has a unique way of reaching your mind, your heart and your soul. Mixing styles of folk and jazz he crafts his songs in a way that can reach anyone who “listens”.

- Gene Galligan, Musician

A gentle comforting voice, with lyrics that paint pictures. Like a cross between Ellis Paul and James Taylor, Tom Cooney stepped in to fill a last minute vacancy and left the audience moved to tears with his closing song, a beautiful tribute to front line medical staff, “Make it Home Today”.

- Nick Filone, Musician, Singer-Songwriter

A deft guitarist and lyrical storyteller.

- Guy-Michael Grande, Musician, Singer-Songwriter

An introspective songwriter who lyrically chronicles the soulful mood of his travels with a unique  melodic style of folk-jazz fusion.

- Tom Rotchford / Right Moment Band, Musician, Singer-Songwriter

With interesting chord progressions, a great voice, and great songs, Tom Cooney is one to watch.

- Nancy Falkow, Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Tom Cooney is a sophisticated singer / songwriter / guitarist, who knows his way around jazz chords and the Great American Songbook. He is a prolific songwriter. I don’t know how he does it.

John MacKechnie, member of Godfrey Daniels Guitar Pull

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