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NEW RELEASE, 'DANCING ON THE MOON', 10 original songs in contemporary folk, jazz, and blues styles.  Available at:
Tom Cooney on Bandcamp

Dancing on the Moon front cover 396x398.png

"Dancing on the Moon" is a Tom Cooney original.  It's a jazz ballad about magic and love.  With Gene Galligan on keyboards.  Audio and video production by Steve Ball.  

This is my original song "Empty Pages", played at the virtual No Place For Hate Come Together 2020 Festival and fundraiser, organized by the wonderful 'Not for Coltrane' / Michael Duck.

This is my original blues song, "Big Hurt Blues", played with our Acoustic Blues Project band, with Leon Bonam and Earl Andrews, as we opened the Jamageddon Music Festival organized by the wonderful musician Dana Gaynor.

This is a short sample of "That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" by the great band Los Lobos.

This informal live sampler shows brief clips of the styles of music Tom Cooney performs.  Audio and video production by Steve Ball.

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